6 Steps for Safe Spill Response

Be prepared with Duwell's 6 simple steps for safe spill response.

1. Assess the Risk

• Identify substances involved
• Assess volume and severity of spill
• Identify immediate risks
• Mark out exclusion zone or commence evacuation

 Assess the Risk

2. Protect Yourself & Others

• Ensure you are familiar with PPE requirements
• Know the location of spill response PPE
• Wear correct PPE when attending to spills
• Be aware of toxic zone and potential harmful vapours

Protect Yourself & Others

3. Stop the Source

• Stop the spill at the source
• Turn off valves
• Plug leaks
• Turn container or drum upright

Stop the Source

4. Contain the Spill

• Utilise Duwell products to contain spill
• Bund, dam or divert spill for easy clean-up
• Contain spill at furthest point or any drain and work back towards source

Contain the Spill

5. Clean Up with Duwell

• Take care not to step in liquid
• Use Duwell absorbent products to soak up spill
• Dispose of contaminated absorbent products correctly
• Refer to government regulations for disposal

Clean Up with Duwell

6. Report & Refill

• Report spill to relevant internal and external stakeholders
• Restock your spill response kits to replace any items used

Report & Refill

The steps above are a guide to follow for first responders to spills. They do not constitute a spill response plan, but provide a framework to build a customised plan. Taking these steps can help you be more prepared and able to respond effectively to unexpected spills.