Which Absorbent Pad should I use?

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

So you’ve had a spill in the workplace. Check out our 6 Steps for Safe Spill Response to learn how to address the situation quickly and safely. If you’ve determined the situation can be rectified with absorbent pads, the next question to ask is “Which pad should I use?”.

Duwell have produced a range of industrial spill control pads to cater to your specific needs and help you remedy the situation efficiently and effectively. Whether you need to clean up an oil spill or a hazardous chemical, Duwell has an absorbent pad to suit. Read on to find out which spill pad is best for your task.


general purpose absorbent pad

General Purpose – Grey

This should be the go-to pad for most spills and clean-ups. Heavy duty and dimpled for extra strength, the general purpose pad will absorb all oil/fuel and water based products.

This pad is perfect for most jobs around the factory or site.

These general purpose pads come in a pack of 100 and are grey in colour.

View the general purpose pads to find out more.


Oil/Fuel – White

This pad is quite different from the grey general purpose pad. As the name suggests, it will absorb hydrocarbons but will not absorb water or water based products. This means it will actually float on the surface of water whilst absorbing oil based pollutants. Cleaning up minor oil spills couldn’t get any easier.

This pad is perfect for spills on lakes, creeks, marinas or any waterways.

These heavy duty pads come in a pack of 100 and are white in colour.

View the oil/fuel pads to find out more.


hazardous chemical absorbent pad

Hazchem – Yellow

This hazchem pad will absorb water based products as well as oil/fuel. These pads are designed for controlling hazardous chemical spills, acids, caustics and hydrocarbons and are also safe to be used on hazardous materials such as Class 5 and Class 8 corrosive materials. The yellow colour code allows for easy identification, warning other workers of a hazardous liquid spill.

This pad is perfect for hazardous spills.

These hazardous chemical pads come in a pack of 100

and are yellow in colour.

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